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Other Moving Panoramas

A Panorama of a Whaling Voyage Round the World, 1848, New Bedford Whaling Museum. New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Although hundreds, perhaps thousands, of moving panoramas were made and performed during their heyday in 19th-century America, very few are known to exist to this day. Some of the best preserved and best documented moving panoramas can be found in American public collections. Below are some links to online resources.

Mormon Panorama,”  Brigham Young University’s Museum of Art.

 The Campaigns of Garibaldi, Brown University Library.

The Grand Caricaturama, painted by Thomas Nast. Library of Congress and Macculloch Hall, Morristown, N.J.

An Artist’s Travels in the Eastern Hemisphere,  Missouri History Museum, St. Louis, Missouri.

Army of the Cumberland, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution.

A Panorama of a Whaling Voyage Round the World, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Massachusetts.

The Great Locomotive Chase or Andrews Raid,  The Ohio Historical Society.

Moving Panorama of Pilgrim’s Progress, Saco Museum, Maine.

Panorama of the Monumental Grandeur of the Mississippi Valley, Saint Louis Art Museum, Missouri.


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